Winchcombe Town Council

About Us

Local Government Functions and Responsibilities

Local Government in England is organised into three different levels or tiers. Winchcombe Town Council is the third tier of local government - the “grass roots” level of local democracy. The other two tiers, the Borough and the County, are administered by Tewkesbury Borough Council and by Gloucestershire County Council respectively. Each tier of government, although all are part of the same local government system, has different responsibilities and are autonomous statutory authorities in their own right.

The duties or functions the Town Council must carry out are limited, but its powers, the areas where it has discretion to act if it chooses, are wide.

As well as taking direct action in its areas of responsibility, the Council responds to consultation papers from numerous organisations, lobbies other organisations on matters of importance on behalf of local residents and businesses and has Councillors appointed to many other local groups, Committees and Governing Bodies.

Winchcombe Town Council Responsibilities

  • Bus Shelters
    (Abbey Terrace)
  • Cemetery and closed Churchyard
  • Community Centres
    (leased to and administered by Management Committee)
  • Community Publications
    (Winchcombe Matters Newsletter, Council Website)
  • Emergency Planning
    (including Winchcombe Flood Action Group)
  • Parks and Playing Fields
    (King George V Playing Field, Jubilee Play Park, Ireley Coppice)
  • Planning
    (Commenting on local and strategic plans, planning applications and Tree preservation orders)
  • Street Furniture
    (Notice boards, War memorial, Highway seats, Heritage plaques, Dog bins, Salt ⁄ grit bins)