Winchcombe Town Council


Leisure and Tourism committee

Overall objectives

The Leisure and Tourism Committee is responsible for ensuring that provision is made so that visitors to Winchcombe have a memorable experience of the Town. It also works to ensure that Winchcombe is a vibrant community for its residents. Its main responsibility is to ensure that the Tourist Information Centre remains viable and to oversee the budget for its smooth running. This committee also works in collaboration with various groups within the Town to ensure that our wide range of festivals are co-ordinated and presented in a professional manner in order to bring visitors to the Town and give opportunities to residents to experience events without having to travel further afield.

Areas of responsibility

  • Ensuring that the Tourist Information Centre remains viable
  • Working with groups in the Town and Tewkesbury Borough Council to ensure that the visitor experience is excellent
  • Working with Tewkesbury Borough Council and the Business Forum to explore new ways and continue old methods of promoting Winchcombe as a visitor attraction
  • Helping to co-ordinate the many festivals that Winchcombe hosts in order to ensure that they are held at suitable times in the year and that there are no clashes of dates

Duties and powers

  • To set the budget for the Leisure and Tourism Committee for the financial year
  • To determine how to spend money within the budget of the Leisure and Tourism Committee on projects agreed by the Committee and, where necessary, full Council
  • To ensure the smooth running of the Tourist Information Centre in collaboration with Tewkesbury Borough Council
  • To ensure high quality promotion of Winchcombe and its facilities and to endeavour to promote Winchcombe as a tourist ⁄ visitor destination as far afield as possible
  • To liaise with groups within the Town regarding the regular festivals, and any new festivals that may be introduced
  • To co-ordinate any further projects that the Council agrees should come under the remit of the Leisure and Tourism Committee

Members of the Leisure and Tourism committee are:

*Committee Chair

To view a list of archived minutes for the Leisure and Tourism committee, please click here
Minutes are archived online for upto two years, where available