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Winchcombe Park

Most passers-by will have spotted that the archaeological survey has been completed and that the Archaeologists have left the site.
No doubt you will have also spotted that the site has not been back-filled this was at the Town Council’s request to help save money on the future earthworks.
We know that the Archaeologists found artefacts associated with the scheduled ancient monument, a roman villa, on the opposite side of Greet Road and we excitedly await their report telling us exactly what was unearthed.
Because artefacts were found the Town Council is now working closely with the Authorities to develop a scheme to protect the findings especially during the construction phase and for future prosperity.
Completing the archaeological survey means that all of the planning conditions have now been satisfied so the Council is currently engaged in the process of finding a suitable Contractor. The Procurement process has several phases to go through; the first phase (pre-qualification and shortlist of suitable contractors) has been completed and we hope to be issuing the tendering documents in the coming weeks.
The Town Council is also pleased to now be in a position to sign-off the legal documentation with the various interested parties so that the overhead electrical cable and associated pole-mounted transformer can be moved.
In the coming days, you will see contractors working on the fencing alongside the Greet Road removing the brambles towards the Pennylands end of the site, felling a single tree where the pedestrian access from Greet Road will be located, and removing dead saplings from the site (tree and saplings will be replaced later as part of the planting scheme). This is being done now before the start of the bird-nesting season.
Chairman, Cllr Willett said “It has taken a long time and we still have a way to go but I am sure you share the Council’s excitement having reached another significant milestone. Everyone’s patience is beginning to pay off”.
25th February 2021
Written by Cllrs S Maughan, K Willett & C Pennell (Clerk)


Winchcombe Town Council is delighted to be able to confirm progress towards the commencement of the creation of Winchcombe Park. Work has begun on site this week with initial ground investigations carried out by Intégral Géotechnique. This will shortly be followed by archaeological investigations being carried out by Cotswold Archaeology. The results of both investigations will be submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council to satisfy the final pre-commencement conditions associated with the planning permission for the new park.
In preparation for the start of the construction phase in spring 2021, the Town Council has now commenced with their procurement process to shortlist suitable landscape contractors to be invited to tender to deliver this large scale landscape project. The works will include:

  • Site clearance and earthworks to create facilities suitable for access by everyone;
  • Vehicle and pedestrian entrances off existing highways;
  • Surfaced car park and footpaths offering access throughout the year;
  • Activity area including a multi-use games area, wheeled sports facility, outdoor gym, petanque terrain, aerial slide;
  • Street furniture such as seats and bins, fencing, lighting, CCTV;
  • Extensive tree, shrub, and bulb planting; grass and wildflower seeding;
  • Swales and sustainable drainage features;

Below is a list of relevant documents and plans available to view.
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